Performance Information

SCHA is perceived as a trustworthy organisation, with approachable staff and a good reputation.  9/10 residents report that they would be likely to recommend SCHA to friends and family.

As a social landlord driven to deliver good quality services, we take on board customer feedback to help drive our service standards.  In reference to our last comprehensive Tenant Satisfaction Survey, we have performed strongly in the eyes of our customers, with feedback reflecting:

Overall Satisfaction with Service: over 87% said they were very or fairly satisfied:

  • At the extra care services Phoenix House & Trinity Apartments, home to many of our most vulnerable residents we help residents feel less isolated and to enhance the wellbeing of our residents, helping them stay connected with family, friends and the wider community. We have also reached out to our local community for support and there has been tremendous support for our older person services from the local community and beyond
  • We acted quickly to introduce Covid-19 safe measures to help our residents to keep safe and well during the pandemic
  • Customer savings of £137.50 each year in subsidized TV licences – across all three supported housing schemes – following a review of television licence charges.
  • We have welcomed new tenants across all three supported housing schemes this year and assisted residents with internal transfers from supported housing to Trinity Apartments, to better meet our residents’ needs, giving them a better quality of life

Quality of Home: over 97% said they were very or fairly satisfied:

  • We recently replaced the purpose-built kitchen at Yorkminster Drive
  • We recently installed new boilers for Brighton House & Oakfield House

Value for Money (VMF):

  • Rent is good Value For Money (VFM):86% said they were very or fairly satisfied
  • Service Charge represents good VFM: 72% said they were very or fairly satisfied

Overall Satisfaction with Repairs Service: over 86% said they were very or fairly satisfied:

  • We have provided training for our maintenance team, so they can deliver a wider range of responsive and void (vacant property) related works. This has reduced the cost of external contractors.
  • Recent repair KPIs are detailed below:
  • Repairs completed at the first visit = 96%
  • Emergency repairs completed within timescale = 93%
  • Urgent repairs completed within timescale = 100%
  • Routine repairs completed within timescale = 97%

Key Findings

Overall, the survey findings confirm that SCHA provides a range of services that meet the needs of the majority of its customers.  The majority of residents are happy with overall service, repairs, quality of homes, neighbourhoods, consultation and communication.

Financial Statements and Audited Accounts: