What People Are Saying

“We’re very happy here”

Comments from 3 of our residents at Phoenix House.

“Lovely meals”

Thank you to the chef for cooking some lovely meals.

“Brilliant maintenance team”

High praise for our maintenance team from residents and their families, who often compliment the service and friendliness of our in-house maintenance team.

“Wonderful care team”

Residents have commented that the carers are wonderful and said how polite and friendly the care staff are here to everyone.

Case study: Supported Housing

One family’s view of our supported housing service, who’s brother has lived in one of our supported housing apartments for over two decades, but has recently had a long hospital stay. The family are hoping that their brother will soon return to his home and friends, supported on a daily basis by the supported housing team at SCHA.

“A rock to me and my family”

Thank you for all the help and support. The Supported Housing Officer (SHO) has helped us cope with what has been an extremely stressful and worrying situation. During all this time, the SHO has been a rock to me and my family. Their support during this period has been invaluable, especially in recognising the extra support our brother will need in the community and other issues. The SHO has contacted the social care team to ensure that a suitable team and care package will be in place. Our brother has recovered extremely well and improved greatly and we hope that he will return to his home. He has an excellent relationship with the SHO and all of the support staff, who have also shown much appreciated concern and support for my brother and our family during this period. It would have been much harder to have coped with everything that has happened without you. The SHO’s professionalism and caring personality are no doubt a great asset to Solihull Care Housing Association.