Managing Payments

Solihull Care Housing Association’s rents and service charges are reviewed annually and depending on personal circumstances of the resident, charges may be eligible for housing benefit.

Rental charge covers the cost of the accommodation, housing management, building and maintenance cost.

Service charge covers heating and all communal facilities, expenses charges and a proportion of the lunchtime meal cost.

Shared Ownership purchasers pay a service charge to cover housing maintenance and housing management costs.

Rent and Service charges are charged to the residents account every 4 weeks of the year. An opening financial process of collecting rent or service charge is arranged through a standing order mandate. This is the most secure method with a minimal process. A statement of account with charges and payments received is available continuously.

Residents may or may not be eligible for housing benefit from Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC).  Click here to view SMBC’s Housing Benefit information

The amount each resident pays depends on their personal circumstances. Support is given to the resident within Solihull Care Housing Association to help work out the individual resident cost and to claim any benefits or subsidies to which they may be entitled. Solihull Care Housing Association will support the resident to have such processes in place. However, it will still be the resident’s responsibility to the pay rent or service charge that is due.

How to apply for Housing Benefit

Click the following link to complete an online application:  Apply for Housing Benefit

Alternatively, please telephone Solihull Connect on 0121 704 8200 or email if you have any queries regarding completion of the form.

Trouble paying the rent?

Rent payments are important.  If you are having problems paying, please speak to us.  The sooner you take action to deal with arrears or other problems, the quicker we’ll be able to help you.

If you’re having difficulties:

  • Tell us as soon as possible; or contact Solihull Community Housing (telephone 0121 717 1515) for advice. They are committed to helping local people stay in their homes and sort out their debts.  This service is available to anyone in financial difficulties, not just council tenants;