A Day in the Life

A day in the life of a Housing support worker

A typical day for me at one of our three housing units, would be to start the day by ‘doing the rounds’ – seeing which tenants were about, how they are, what they are doing that day. Also, prompting and reminding them of medication doses, shopping trips, appointments, chores in their flats.

If I am not supporting someone attending a hospital, GP or / mental health appointment, I will take at least one client on an exercise walk. Usually to the shops, and sometimes for a drink and chat. If I did not do these activities with clients, they would not likely exercise by themselves. In fact, many of our residents wouldn’t remember to go to appointments, or they’d be very nervous, and they wouldn’t communicate their needs appropriately to the doctor, / nurse, / psychiatrist or other health professional.

It is important our tenants / clients know we are there at hand – often onsite in the support office / in the building – if and when they need us. Just having ‘someone there’ means a lot to our clients. Particularly, the more anxious ones – which is the majority. Therefore, it is paramount that on an ongoing basis, I keep the staff-client relationship working; and communication, respect and trust alive. For nearly 30 clients, this is no easy task – for many years in my role – therefore much patience, positivity, emotional intelligence, and flexibility, is required to keep that good working relationship over the short-medium-long term.

Greg Pyne
Housing Support Worker
Solihull Care Housing Association