Introducing Sonia, our Housing Related Support Worker

I joined Solihull Care Housing Association in August 2021 as a Housing Related Support Worker, supporting people with Enduring Mental Illness in a supported living environment.

Though I am still new to this role, I have in my previous roles worked with young adults in supported living so they can achieve independence and transition into their own property when they were ready.

I would support them with basic living skills like budgeting, paying bills and completing healthy food shopping. I would also support them to get registered with doctors, dentist, and opticians. I supported them with education and or training as well as suitable recruitment opportunities. I would ensure that I had regular contact with them to support with any issues they may have.

I built good professional relationships with my clients so they felt they could come to me with any issues they may have. I am an approachable person and a good listener. I am a passionate person and I strive to provide support to the best of my ability. I am a bubbly person and I love to cheer people up and make them laugh, hopefully put a smile on their faces. As I am now working with adults, I am willing to learn more and bring my own skills to the company.

I like people to feel that they are valued and listened to so they can have their own input into their daily life. I enjoy spending time with others and lifting their spirits as some people don’t see anyone else. I will encourage them to go out for walks I also don’t mind getting involved with what interest they have. As some don’t get to do what they like with others.

I’m all for laughing and making someone’s day which in turn makes me feel good also.

Sonia Cumberbatch

Support Worker