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Supporting Solihull Care Housing Tenants – TV License Refund Project

SCHA TV License Refund Project

In early 2020 Solihull Care Housing received a call from a parent of a tenant residing in one of our shared supported living services for people with profound learning disabilities regarding an issue with their TV License,

It seemed the tenant was being requested to pay a license fee even though they did not have a TV. SCHA was given permission to discuss this issue with the TV Licensing department. Upon researching and resolving this issue with the TV licensing department on behalf of the tenant, I recalled from previous roles working within Supported Housing there are entitlements that could an be applied to tenants living within certain Supported Housing environments.

After further research, it seemed a scheme called Concessionary License for ARC (Accommodation for Registered Care) could be applied to the schemes across our supported housing portfolio.

An application was sent to the Concessionary License team and we were successful in the application process, this resulted in a total of 27 tenants across 3 supported housing schemes being eligible for a 97% / £150.50 cost saving each on their license fee per annum.

Tenants were supported to terminate their current TV license arrangement and refunds were issued to them where applicable.

We are in the process of applying this to our two-learning disability supported housing services which would result in a further 5 tenants being eligible for the same discount.

Tenants were thankful to SCHA for supporting them in this cost saving exercise.